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This lesson will talk about converting miles to feet. Using the example of converting 0.2 miles to feet, we will see the steps involved in solving this type of problem and how to check your answer.

Steps to Solving the Problem

Suppose a construction company is planning to build a bridge across a large river. They know that the distance across the river is 0.2 miles. However, the supplies they need are measured in feet, so they need to know the distance across the river in feet. In other words, they need to convert 0.2 miles to feet.In general, if we want to convert miles to feet, we use the fact that there are 5,280 feet in 1 mile.

This fact is the most important thing to remember! This allows us to recognize that if we have x miles and each of those miles contains 5,280 feet, we simply need to multiply x by 5,280 to find out how many feet we have.In our example, the construction workers know that it is 0.2 miles across the river, so we need to multiply our number of miles by 5,280 feet to convert miles to feet.0.2 x 5,280 = 1,056

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We see that there are 1,056 feet in 0.2 miles, so 0.2 miles = 1,056 feet.

The construction workers need to buy enough supplies to build a bridge 1,056 feet long.

Checking Your Work

When dealing with an application, the first thing we should always do when we arrive at a solution is to make sure the solution makes sense with the problem. For instance, in our example, we know we are dealing with 0.2 miles, which is less than a full mile. We got 0.

2 miles = 1,056 feet as our answer, and we know there are 5,280 feet in a full mile, so it makes sense that our answer is less than this. Suppose we came to a solution of 0.2 miles = 6,230 feet.

We would know we made an error because 0.2 miles is less than 1 mile but 6,230 feet is greater than 5,280 feet. Using facts such as this really helps with error recognition.Once we’ve determined that our answer makes sense, we can take it further and actually check to see if it is correct. In the same way that we can convert miles to feet, we can also convert feet to miles.

Thus, to check our answer, we simply convert our answer back to miles to make sure we get 0.2 miles.To convert from feet to miles, we again use the fact that there are 5,280 feet in a mile. Therefore, to convert y feet to miles, we just divide y by 5,280. In our example, we got the solution that 0.2 miles is equal to 1,056 feet.

To check this, we divide 1,056 by 5,280, and if our solution is correct, we should get 0.2.1,056 / 5,280 = 0.2Sure enough, when we convert 1,056 feet back to miles, we get 0.2 miles. Therefore, our answer is correct.This type of conversion is very useful in our everyday lives.

Many of us are more familiar with the measure of a foot, and can imagine it more easily than we can the measure of a mile. Thus, when we are given a measurement in miles, and we want a better mental image of the distance, we simply multiply the number of miles by 5,280, and we then have the distance in feet and can more easily imagine how far the distance is. The biggest thing to remember is 1 mile = 5,280 feet!


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