Very to the creature about light and sight,

Very weak from tessering off Camazotz, Meg is healed physically by a mysterious race of creatures called Ixchelians. But her biggest battle is still in the future. This lesson will focus on the summary of Chapter 11 of ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’


Meg Murry, her younger brother Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin O’Keefe have traveled to the planet of Camazotz to try to rescue Meg’s long-absent father, Mr.

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Murry. Mr. Murry is a prisoner of the Black Thing, an evil that threatens the entire Universe, and holds the strange planet of Camazotz firmly within its grasp.

Unfortunately, the evil that controls Camazotz has also infiltrated the mind of five-year-old Charles Wallace, making him no more than a mouthpiece of IT, the brain that controls Camazotz.Meg, Calvin, and Mr. Murry have managed to tesser (or travel through a wrinkle in space and time) off the planet of Camazotz, but Meg hasn’t done well with the tesser. In terrible pain, she cannot communicate with her father or her friend, and she is devastated to realize that they have left her brother behind on Camazotz. As she struggles to speak, three strange creatures with tentacles instead of eyes appear and take Meg with them.

No one Should be Shot!

Mr. Murry tries to stop the creature from taking Meg, but he cannot make it understand. The creature then tells Calvin that he is easier to talk with than Mr.

Murry. The creature doesn’t understand why Calvin and Mr. Murry are so upset and asks Calvin what the people of Earth would do if three of the creatures suddenly appeared.Calvin says that the humans would most likely shoot the creatures. The creature then asks Calvin if they should shoot Calvin, Mr. Murry, and Meg. Calvin quickly admits that people on Earth makes mistakes, and no one should be shot.

The creature tells Calvin and Mr. Murry that it needs to take Meg because the Black Thing has made her very weak, and the creatures will save her life.Meg feels very warm in the creature’s arms and thinks how different this creature is from IT.

Comforted by this thought, Meg drifts off to sleep. When she wakes up, the room is dark but Meg feels almost healed. There is a creature in the room with her.

Meg tries to explain to the creature about light and sight, but since the creature has no eyes, it doesn’t really understand what Meg is talking about.Meg is worried about her brother, and the creatures reassure her that they will not abandon Charles Wallace. However, saving him will be dangerous and difficult. They can’t just arrive back on a planet controlled by the Black Thing.

Aunt Beast and the Ixchelians

Together, Meg and the creature try to decide what Meg should call it.

After discarding several names, they decide on Aunt Beast. Aunt Beast begins to sing, and Meg falls asleep again. When she wakes up again, Meg is completely healed.

Aunt Beast tells her the planet she is on now is called Ixchel, and while it is in the same solar system as Camazotz, the creatures, called Ixchelians, are also fighting the Black Thing. Meg asks Aunt Beast about the three Mrs. W’s, former celestial stars who are also fighting the Black Thing, but Aunt Beast doesn’t know what Meg is talking about.Meg and Aunt Beast leave the sleeping room and Meg sees Mr. Murry and Calvin.

The three of them eat food that looks strange and colorless, but tastes wonderful. Meg is still very upset and disappointed with her father about the fact that he left Charles Wallace on Camazotz. Meg knows they need the support of Mrs.

Who, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Whatsit and tells the Ixchelians that they should ask the Mrs. W’s for help, but she can’t really explain who they are.Meg tries to describe the Mrs.

W’s, but because the beasts have no eyes, they cannot understand physical descriptions. Calvin comes closest when he calls them ‘guardian angels.’ Suddenly, the three Mrs. W’s appear.

Lesson Summary

Meg has made it off the planet Camazotz, but she’s very disappointed that her father saved her but not the mind-controlled Charles Wallace. Seeing her father triggers an intense disappointment because Meg had been so sure that saving Mr. Murry would end all of their problems. However, she is now physically very weak from tessering and Charles Wallace remains in the thrall of IT. Fortunately, the creatures, led by Aunt Beast, give Meg food and warmth, and she physically recovers.

The Ixchelians promise Meg that they will not abandon her brother, but warn her that rescuing him will not be easy. She then tells them that they need the help of the three Mrs. W’s;but how do you explain what someone looks like to a creature without eyes? Calvin comes the closest with ‘guardian angels.’ And it seems to be enough since the three Mrs. W’s then appear.


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