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Did you ever get interrupted just as you were about to make a move? Calvin returns to the Murry house and Meg reveals how smart she really is. But just as Calvin and Meg might begin to explore their feelings for each other, things get even weirder. This lesson will focus on the summary of Chapter 3 of ”A Wrinkle in Time”.


Meg Murry feels like a loser in life.

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Mrs. Murry, Meg’s mother, a scientist who is also gorgeous, tells Meg not to worry; she’s just different. Meg’s youngest brother Charles Wallace is the same way. But lately, odd things have been happening around the Murry house.

It all started with the appearance of Mrs. Whatsit, who brought news of a tesseract. This rattled Mrs. Murry considerably. Her missing husband, Mr. Murry, often joked about the very same thing.

And then Meg and her brother meet Calvin O’Keefe in the woods. Though Calvin is a popular athlete, he is the same as Meg and Charles Wallace in that he just doesn’t seem to belong in his family. Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin head through the woods to visit Mrs. Whatsit. Instead, they find Mrs. Who, who has a cryptic message for them: Mr.

Murry needs their help.

Chapter 3: Mrs. Which

Meg surprises Calvin with her ability to solve complex physics problems.

Meg surprises Calvin with her ability to solve complex physics problems.

Homework Help

After the rather cryptic conversation with Mrs. Who, Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin return to the Murry’s house.

Mrs. Murry is making supper over a Bunsen burner while she completes an experiment. Calvin uses the phone to call him mother, to tell her that he won’t be home for supper, but he reaches his brother instead.Calvin pulls Meg aside and tells her that she is lucky to have a family who loves her. His own huge family barely notices him. Meg shows Calvin a picture of her own missing father.

Calvin says neither he nor Meg’s dad is handsome, but Meg says they both are. Then Calvin asks where Mr. Murry is, but Meg can’t answer.Meg’s mother tells her to work on her homework, and Calvin admits that he has work to do as well.

Mrs. Murry tells Calvin that Meg can help him with his math homework and Calvin laughs. Meg is several grades behind him.

But Meg surprises him by getting the problems solved almost instantly. Mrs. Murry tells Calvin it’s because Meg and her father used to play math games. In fact, Meg is better at math than some of their teachers.

Impressed, Calvin quizzes Meg. She does very well on math and science questions, especially physics, but dismally on any questions about literature, geography, or common sense. Again, Calvin tells them how nice it is to be around people he can talk to.

Calvin returns to the Murry house for dinner.

Calvin returns to the Murry house for dinner.

A Walk in the Garden

After dinner, Calvin offers to read a bedtime story to Charles Wallace, so Meg and her mother talk about Mr. Murry. Mrs.

Murry tells Meg about some of the strange things that have happened lately and wonders if it has to do with Mr. Murry. Mrs. Murry tells Meg that there is always an explanation even when no one understands it.Meg says that Charles Wallace seems to understand more than anyone, and Mrs. Murry tells her that Charles Wallace is different.

Just then, Calvin comes back from Charles Wallace’s room and asks Meg if she’d like to go for a walk. He asks her about her father, and Meg reveals that he works as a physicist for the government, and he’s off doing government work.Calvin wonders aloud if the government knows where he is, and Meg begins to cry. This is exactly what she is afraid of. Calvin wipes the tears off of Meg’s glasses, which makes her cry harder.

He tells her that without her glasses, she has very pretty eyes.Charles Wallace comes into the garden and tells them that they have to go and find their father. Mrs. Who appears out of thin air next to Charles Wallace, and Mrs. Whatsit climbs over a fence into the garden.

Mrs. Who tells them all that she is older, though Mrs. Whatsit says something about a ‘paltry few billion years’, but doesn’t finish her thought.At that moment, she is interrupted by Mrs. Which, who speaks in almost a hiss and cannot completely materialize because it is too tiring.

Lesson Summary

Both Meg and Calvin seem to be stumbling around how they really feel about each other.

At the Murry house, Calvin feels like he’s at home. He can sense the love the Murry’s have for each other and mentions how great it is to have someone to talk to. But he is also intrigued by Mr. Murry’s disappearance. Twice he asks Meg about where her father is, and he doesn’t really get an answer.While Calvin has a successful dinner at the Murry house and is even willing to read Charles Wallace a bedtime story, he can’t seem to come out and say how he really feels to Meg while they’re in the garden.

Just as he compliments her eyes, Charles Wallace shows up and tells them it’s time to leave. They need to go find Mr. Murry, who’s been missing for years. And then Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs.

Who, and Mrs. Which arrive and things get even stranger.


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