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Up, up, and away, we are learning about clouds today! In this lesson, you will learn what altostratus clouds are, where you see them in the sky, what they look like, and how they are formed. Keep reading and get carried away with altostratus clouds.

What Are Altostratus Clouds?

When you think of a cloud, what image comes to mind? You might be thinking of a fluffy white mass in the sky that looks like a bunny. Maybe you’re picturing a dark gray cloud that looks a little scary. There are many different kinds of clouds that you might be imagining, but did you know that these different clouds have different names? In this lesson, we’ll learn what altostratus clouds are, including what they look like, how they are formed, and, most importantly, whether or not you should play outside if you see them in the sky!Altostratus clouds are gray or bluish-gray clouds that seem to take up the entire sky. On days when there are altostratus clouds, the sun is not very visible.

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Have you ever seen dark, smoky gas coming out of an exhaust pipe on an old car? You can think of altostratus clouds like those clouds of gas because they are dark and spread to cover almost the whole sky.

Altostratus clouds are dark and spread throughout the sky

What Do Altostratus Clouds Look Like?

We know that altostratus clouds are dark and spread out, but we can also identify them by where they’re located in the sky.

These clouds are known as middle-level clouds, which means that they form in the middle of the sky, between 6,500 and 20,000 feet high.

How Are Altostratus Clouds Formed?

All clouds form when water evaporates, or warms up and rises into the air, from the ground. Then, this evaporated water in the air condenses, or cools back down in the sky to create water droplets. When enough water droplets (or ice crystals) come together, they form clouds in the sky!Altostratus clouds form this way, too, but why do they appear dark gray? When the cloud is holding too much water, the cloud appears darker. Dark clouds, like altostratus clouds, are ready to release this water, and when clouds release rain or snow, it’s called precipitation.

What Do Altostratus Clouds Tell Us About the Weather?

When we see altostratus clouds in the sky, it’s probably a good day to stay indoors and play a board game. These clouds show us that a storm is coming.

Since the altostratus clouds are thick and holding lots of water droplets and ice crystals, it won’t take long for that water to fall. Altostratus clouds are especially known as being warning signs of a long rain or snowstorm, so get comfortable inside. It might be awhile!

Altostratus clouds tell you that a storm is near

Lesson Summary

Altostratus clouds are dark, middle-level clouds that take up nearly the whole sky. These clouds form when evaporated water in the air condenses, or cools down and becomes water that groups together.

Altostratus clouds are thick since they hold lots of water droplets and ice crystals, and if you see them, it means a storm is near. Now that you know what altostratus clouds are, a cloudy day is more than just a cloudy day – it’s science!


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