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Have your ever looked at a frog and wondered how it came to be? How did it go from an egg, to the frog you may see hopping around a lake? In this lesson you will learn about the amphibian life cycle and the process that takes an amphibian from an egg to fully a developed organism using the frog as an example. One day you and a bunch of friends decide to go down to the lake. While at the lake, you see what looks like a bunch of little fish, swimming around in the water. You, and your friends run home to get jars, and fill each jar with some of the little fish. You think to yourself, these will be great friends for the fish in my freshwater fish tank at home.

When you get home, you pour the little fish into the tank, and don’t give them another thought. After a while, you notice that your little fish are starting to sprout legs, and their tails seem to be shrinking. These are not fish at all they are tadpoles, baby frogs!

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