What are arctic hares? Do they really live in the Arctic? What do they eat? How do they grow? This lesson will answer all of these questions and teach you lots of fun facts about arctic hares!

What Are Arctic Hares?

At the North Pole, Santa Claus is looking for a new animal to ride in his sleigh on Christmas Eve.

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He is looking for an animal that is used to cold weather, that doesn’t eat meat, and that is small enough to go down the chimney with him and help deliver presents. He finds that Abby the arctic hare is the perfect animal for the job! Keep reading to learn lots about Abby and her habitat, food, and life cycle.

Arctic hares have white fur in winter.

arctic hare

Arctic hares look a lot like rabbits, but they are much bigger. They have fur that is gray and brown in the summer and white in the winter. Arctic hares have long ears with a little bit of black at the tips.

Where Do Arctic Hares Live?

Arctic hares live in the frozen tundra.

arctic hare

Arctic hares live in the tundra in Canada and Greenland. A tundra is a cold area that has no trees. Tundras stay frozen most of the year. They also live in the Arctic, which is the area around the North Pole.

It stays cold and snowy there all year long! Arctic hares dig burrows in the snow to stay warm. A burrow is a tunnel or a hole under the ground. Arctic hares have big back feet that they use like snowshoes! Their big feet keep them from sinking in deep snow!

What Do Arctic Hares Eat?

Arctic hares are herbivores.

This means that they eat plants only. They love to eat moss, berries, twigs, leaves, and roots! Arctic hares have long claws that they use to dig through the snow looking for food.

How Do Arctic Hares Grow?

A baby arctic hare is called a leveret. Because arctic hares are mammals, the mother gives birth to live babies instead of laying eggs. Four to eight leverets are born at a time and they are born in a dent in the ground! When they are first born, they look like little rocks. This disguise helps protect them from predators. The babies are a brownish gray color and are born with their eyes open! Arctic hares only live for about one year.

Fun Facts About Arctic Hares

Arctic hares stand straight up to look out for danger.
arctic hare
  • Arctic hares fight with each other by using their paws to box with each other!
  • Arctic hares stand straight up to look out for danger.

  • Arctic hares have black eyelashes. Their eyelashes work just like sunglasses and protect their eyes from the sun!

Lesson Summary

Arctic hares live in the tundra, which is a cold area without trees. They are herbivores, which means that they only eat plants. Baby arctic hares are called leverets, and they are born in dents in the ground!


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