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Are you considering a marketing career but are not sure what marketing entails? This lesson offers insight into the type of education available and the career options that exist in marketing. There’s never been a more exciting time to work in marketing. With the evolution of online marketing, there are more options for marketing professionals than ever before.

If you are considering a future in marketing, consider some of the options and education available.

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Degree Options in Marketing

There are two key educational degrees in marketing: bachelor’s and master’s degrees. A bachelor’s degree in marketing is the lower degree that covers the basics of marketing functions, the ideology behind marketing methods, and the way to execute entry-level marketing activities.A master’s degree is an advanced degree that allows specialization in marketing techniques, strategies, and objectives.

A master’s degree creates a stronger foundation for promoting a company’s products and services. Additionally, a master’s degree allows for focus on specific areas of marketing activities, such as online marketing, consumer behavior, and presenting messages.It is worth mentioning that doctorate programs are also available in marketing, although most corporate positions do not require a Ph.D. or DBA to be successful as a marketing executive.

However, if your intent is to be a professor, a doctorate degree will be important to be qualified for most positions.

Career Options in Marketing

Marketing and sales are closely related in the corporate world. While the purpose of sales is to earn revenue by selling products or services, the main focus of marketing is to build brand awareness, educate consumers about products and services, and create a need for consumers to purchase the items.

As a result, sales and marketing often work hand in hand, even though there is a slight difference in purpose.If you are interested in marketing, there are a number of different aspects you can pursue.Social Media / Online Marketing – This role requires an interest and understanding of various social media platforms, an understanding of how consumers get information online, and an understanding of purchasing habits. Additionally, this aspect of marketing requires staying current on trends and opportunities because online marketing is changing by the minute.

If you are interested in a social media or online marketing job, the opportunities are vast. Just about every company has or can benefit from a Facebook page, Twitter feeds, and Pinterest posts. Understanding how to connect with clients through social media can create a vast, interactive, and loyal community.Traditional Marketing – This position focuses on marketing opportunities that are tried and true.

This professional may utilize print marketing, television and radio ads, and signs or billboards. The venues change, but many of the roles remain the same. This person is responsible for building brand awareness, ensuring potential customers know about products or services, testing the market through focus groups or surveys to see how consumers will react to new items, and to assist in product research.As a traditional marketer, your options are wide-open. Most companies have a marketing team that handles appropriate marketing activities for their industry. Find a company that is interesting to you.

The more interested and excited you are about the products or services a company offers, the easier it will be for you to market to current and potential customers.Public Relations – A public relations role is a specialized position that focuses on providing key messages to the public and media outlets, handling crisis messages, and managing the impression that consumers, business partners, and vendors have of the business.Large businesses or public relations agencies are the best options for a public relations job.

Because the functions of public relations are more specialized, a full-time position may not be feasible at a smaller company. In those businesses, it is more common for the public relations job to be rolled into the marketing role. If you are considering a full-time public relations position, your best option is to consider larger firms or specialized agencies.Executive level positions usually require a person to get a solid foundation of marketing experience before move up in the marketing department. If you are looking at making marketing a long-term career, you will benefit from understanding strategy creation, budget management, and personnel direction. As a Director of Marketing or Vice-President of Marketing, you will need to understanding consumer behavior, research ideology, and marketing strategies.

You will also need to manage a team of marketing personnel who have individual expertise that may or may not match your specific skill set. Therefore, it is wise to get diverse experience and learn as much as possible about the various types of marketing functions. This will allow you to manage your team more effectively.

Lesson Summary

You have learned that there are many different types of marketing, including online, traditional, and public relations. Being a marketing professional is a very rewarding and exciting prospect.

To be successful in marketing, you will need to understand the functions of the marketing department and how to communicate messages to current and potential customers. Furthermore, managing a marketing team requires additional skills in budgeting, strategy creation, and personnel management. With education, experience, and passion, you can create an amazing career in marketing!


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