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Since the Earth is nicknamed the ‘Blue Planet,’ you would think we have enough water to last us forever.

However, almost all of the water on Earth is undrinkable salt water. This lesson focuses on the process of turning that sea water into fresh, usable water.

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Sea Water Versus Fresh Water

A cool glass of water can be very refreshing. Even though it may seem like there is an endless supply of water coming out of your faucet, it is important to remember that only 2.5% of the water in the world is fresh water! Many people on Earth struggle to get a reliable supply of water, even if they live right next to an ocean.

So, if there is such a huge amount of ocean water on Earth, why can’t we just drink it? Well, if you took a gulp of salt water, you would probably get sick because of the bad taste. Besides that, you would get even thirstier because your body cannot handle that much salt.


What if we could turn the salt water into fresh water? You may be surprised to hear, but many places are already doing it with a process called desalination. This process involves separating and removing high amounts of salt from fresh water. There are places around the globe that perform this job, and they are called desalination plants. This newer technology just might be the future for our drinking water!

Desalination is the process of removing salt from water.
Distillation involves boiling water in order to separate it from the salt.

Another way to desalinate water is called reverse osmosis. In reverse osmosis, salt water is forcefully pushed through a wall-like barrier that has many tiny holes in it.

These holes allow the water to pass through, but they do not allow the tiny salt particles in the water to pass through. It acts like a very powerful filter, separating the salt and water.

Osmosis is pushing salt water through a barrier that salt particles cannot squeeze through.
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