In what the F1 generation is with

In this lesson, we will be discussing what the F1 generation is with regards to Mendelian genetics.

We’ll look at who discovered this F1 generation and how it is used to help us better understand inheritance as far as genes and traits are concerned.

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What is the F1 Generation?

Gregor Mendel was a pioneer in the world of genetics. Known as the ‘Father of Modern Genetics’, he is responsible for much of what we understand about how genetics work and how traits are passed on. His experiments of cross-breeding pea plants allowed us a glimpse into how our very own traits can be passed on or left behind. In Mendel’s experiments, he would typically cross-pollinate different pea plants in hopes of getting specific and certain traits to show. When looking at his experiments, we notice the term ‘F1 generation’ comes up often. But what does it mean?

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