Social Categories: Definition & Theory

Social categories can be based on something as broad as race or as specific as height, but they are always socially important. Through this lesson, you will learn what defines a social category, and explore some theories on how it Read More

What Is Discrimination? – Definition & Examples

Discrimination is the act of treating someone differently or unjustly based upon some characteristic. Learn about legal and illegal discrimination, federal laws that protect us from being discriminated against, and more. Definition In its most literal sense, discrimination is the Read More

Intelligence Testing and Types

Most people have heard of IQ. But how is it measured and what does it mean? In this lesson, we’ll look at the history of intelligence testing, major types of intelligence tests, and the debate and controversy over intelligence. IQ Read More

Token Economy in the Classroom: Definition & Examples

Token economies provide rewards, such as chips or tokens, that can be used to pay privileges or things. Learn more about token economies and test your knowledge with quiz questions. Definition of Token Economy Token economies are based on operant Read More

Memory and Information Processing in Infants

The way adults think is vastly different from the way that children think. In this lesson, we’ll explore cognitive development and look at how infants begin to think like adults, including the concepts of information processing and memory. Development Kelly Read More

Types of Standardized Tests

In this lesson we’ll cover the three most common types of standardized tests, as well as what can be inferred from these test results. A short quiz follows the lesson. Definition of Standardized Tests There is quite the fuss in Read More

Phonology: Definition, Rules & Examples

All languages follow a specific set of rules that determine how we sound when speaking. The study of these rules is called phonology. This lesson will introduce you to phonology and provide several examples of phonological processes. Phonology Defined Try Read More

David Wechsler on Intelligence, Overview

In this lesson, you will learn about the psychologist David Wechsler who introduced the theory that intelligence is a multidimensional global capacity that should be measured as an age-appropriate performance skill. Who Was David Wechsler? David Wechsler’s accomplishments ranged from Read More