A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 4 Summary

Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin travel to the planet Uriel, where the true form of Mrs. Whatsit is revealed and they get the first glimpse of the unimaginable evil they are facing. This lesson will focus on the summary of Read More

Connecting & Synthesizing Information

Do you find it difficult to remember large amounts of information delivered verbally? This lesson will explain how to connect material when listening to a lecture or speech and synthesize the information into key and sub points to be able Read More

The Characteristics of Effective Language

Language gives us the opportunity to convey meaning. Unless you expect people to understand various tones of grunting, using words effectively makes communication much easier to comprehend. Say What You Mean Unless you’ve become a recluse or taken to a Read More

How to Fix a Sentence Fragment

When you are writing, you want to ensure that everyone understands what you are trying to say. Therefore, you must write in complete sentences. In this lesson, you will learn how to tell the difference between a complete sentence and Read More

Hans Christian Andersen: Biography & Fairy Tales

Hans Christian Andersen wrote over 160 fairy tales, many of which have become beloved and classic children’s stories. Read about the man behind the fairy tales, and learn about some of his more popular creations. Biography Hans Christian Andersen, the Read More

When & How to Use ‘e.g.’ in a Sentence

Did you know that you could add examples to sentences you write using the abbreviation e.g.? Learn what the abbreviation e.g. stands for and when and how to use it in a sentence in this lesson. When to Use E.G. Read More

The Taming of the Shrew Monologues

”The Taming of the Shrew” is one of Shakespeare’s wittiest plays, though it is also one of his most controversial due to its depiction of gender relations. Both these aspects of the play are on display in the monologues by Read More

Subject Bibliography: Definition & Examples

Find out what a subject bibliography is and how it can be useful to your research essay or project. Learn what goes into a subject bibliography, then take a quiz to test your knowledge. Subject Bibliography Subject bibliographies are books Read More

King Lear: Themes & Analysis

‘King Lear’ is widely considered to be one of William Shakespeare’s masterpieces. He crafted this play to be a complex dramatic work that functions on a variety of levels. In this lesson you’ll learn several approaches to its interpretation. Analyzing Read More

How Many Sentences Are in a Paragraph?

A good paragraph presents an idea that the reader can understand. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the characteristics of a good paragraph and just how many sentences it takes to make one. Parts of a Sentence A sentence usually Read More