Philip Glass: Biography & Music

Philip Glass is an American classical music composer, perhaps one of the most important modern composers. This lesson will examine his music, which is often described as minimalist, though his music is more advanced than his minimalist contemporaries. Philip Glass Read More

Pony Facts: Lesson for Kids

Ponies aren’t just cute animals that kids really enjoy. Ponies are strong, will kick to protect themselves, and have other interesting traits that you will be surprised to know. Continue reading to explore more fun facts about ponies. What’s a Read More

The Neonatal Environment: Definition & Apgar Test

The neonatal period lasts from birth until four weeks old. Care during this period is essential to healthy development. In this lesson, explore the neonatal environment and learn how the Apgar test is used to assess newborn functioning. The Neonatal Read More

Malaysian Sun Bear Facts: Lesson for Kids

Malaysian Sun Bears are the smallest members of the bear family. They get their name from a unique marking on their chest that some say looks like the rising sun. Sun Bears are very rare, which makes them difficult to Read More

How Genetics Helps Us Understand Human Behavior

This lesson demonstrates how physical anthropologists use genetics to better understand the human experience. You’ll learn how they combine their knowledge of both biology and the social sciences together to contribute to their field. Beyond the Hype Jordan is so Read More

Web Presence: Definition & Importance

In this lesson, we’ll find out what it means to have an effective web presence, as well as the different tools we can use to establish ourselves and our businesses online. We’ll explore the use of websites, blogs, email, and Read More

Who is Aesop? – Biography, Fables & Morals

In this lesson, we will discuss the biography of Aesop and the question of whether he truly existed. We will also discuss some of his more famous fables and the morals that these fables taught. Biography The life of Aesop Read More

Fayol’s Authority Principle: Overview

In the modern world of management, there are many guidelines and principles that must be followed. That was not always so. In this lesson, we will look at the work of Henri Fayol and discuss his view of the role Read More