Birds include running first, leaping off of

Birds are unique and fascinating creatures.

In this lesson, you’ll learn about birds’ strength, body features and speed that give them the awesome ability to fly.

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How Do Birds Fly?

When you look outside, you probably see lots of different birds flying and soaring from place to place. Their wings flap and help them to fly high in the air. Then, their wings spread out in a strong, straight line to continue soaring.

The body of a bird is designed to fly.
Hummingbirds have fast flapping wings.

Humming with Fast Wings

Lesson Summary

Birds have special adaptations, such as the light weight of their bodies, the shape of their wings, speed and strength, that all work together to help birds fly. Birds have different ways of taking off in flight, which include running first, leaping off of high cliffs, or using very fast flapping wings that help them to fly immediately. Flying occurs when the air pressure above birds’ wings moves faster than the air below its wings.


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