Hurricanes yourself safe before, during, and after a

Hurricanes can be deadly storms.

Knowing how to stay safe during a hurricane could save your life! This lesson will explore important safety measures you can take to keep yourself and your family safe during a hurricane.

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Hurricane Safety

Hurricanes, tropical storms with high-powered winds that are at least 74 miles per hour, are dangerous and can even be deadly. Thousands of people, homes, and businesses are affected by hurricanes every year. If you live in or visit hurricane-prone areas, you should know ways to keep yourself safe before, during, and after a hurricane.

Before a Hurricane

Meteorologists, scientists who study the atmosphere and predict the weather, often provide forecasts and information that can help you prepare for a hurricane. A hurricane watch is issued when the weather is favorable for a hurricane, and you should be on watch for conditions related to a hurricane. A hurricane warning means a hurricane is expected within 36 hours of the announcement.

You should have a weather radio and be tuned in so you can hear critical information from the National Weather Service.Before a hurricane, bring in any items you have outside that could blow away in the strong winds. Bring in your pets, too.

Close all of the doors and windows on your house. Board up the windows, or use hurricane shutters if you have them. Turn off small appliances and propane tanks. Make sure you have a hurricane safety kit, which includes flashlights, food, water, first aid kit, tools, clothing, bedding, and personal items such as toilet paper and medication. Make sure the food you store in your safety kit will not need to be refrigerated or cooked to eat. Canned and ready-to-eat meats, fruits, and vegetables are good food items to store.

Know the evacuation route for your family. An evacuation route is a specific route that will lead you away from danger and to safety, often many miles away. Evacuation routes are typically indicated with signs. If emergency officials order you to evacuate, that means you need to follow the evacuation route and leave. Do not stay.

Follow signs like this during an evacuation.
Avoid down power lines.
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