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You might think all spiders catch their prey in webs, but that’s not how jumping spiders get their dinner. Learn how jumping spiders catch their prey and how their spooky-looking eyes help them hunt.

What is a Jumping Spider?

Imagine drinking a potion that shrinks you down to the size of a bug. The world would be a scary place! You’d have to watch out to avoid all kinds of creepy-crawly things like spiders. And to do that, you’d have to watch out for more than just webs.

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Jumping spiders are spiders that catch their prey by hunting them down and pouncing on them; they don’t use webs. Jumping spiders belong to a family of spiders called Salticidea. They are very active hunters. Rather than waiting for prey to get trapped in their web, jumping spiders go out and search for their meals.

Jumping Spider

A jumping spider might see you before you see it. Jumping spiders have great vision, which makes them good hunters. They see so well because of their crazy-looking eyes.

What Do They Look Like?

To stay away from jumping spiders in your tiny state, you’ll need to look into the eyes of every spider you meet.

Weird Eyes!
Jumping Spiders come in different colors.
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