In condition of the oracle of Delphi.Lycurgus

In this lesson, we will learn who Lycurgus of Sparta was. Together, we’ll take a closer look at his history, his personal life and his legacy. Then we can analyze the improvements he made to Sparta and the ways in which his death impacted the survival of those changes.


Lycurgus of Sparta was a legendary creator of the laws of Sparta. Of particular importance to him were laws that inspired financial frugality, citizen equality and a strong military.

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<h2>Lesson at a Glance</h2>
<p>Although there is debate regarding the existence of Lycurgus of Sparta, he is legendary in the sense that he created the laws of Sparta that were followed by the masses. Among Lycurgus’s accomplishments were creating a council of men who would decide when an issue was brought to a popular vote with the citizens, an oral constitution called the Great Rhetra, and an education/military training program for Spartan boys.</p>
<h2>Learning Outcomes</h2>
<p>Depend upon your recollection of the lesson above to:</p>
<li>Recount the life of Lycurgus of Sparta</li>
<li>Highlight Lycurgus’s achievements regarding the reformation of Sparta</li>
<li>Interpret the way in which the death of Lycurgus solidified his legacy</li>
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