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In this lesson, we will learn about managing the behaviors of young children within the classroom context. We will highlight challenges, and we will identify strategies that will help teachers and child-care workers.

Classroom Management Can Be a Challenge

Imagine you just landed a teaching job as an elementary school teacher in a large city. You will be teaching third grade to a class of 21 students.

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Although you are passionate about education, you are finding your new job challenging. You can barely get through your daily lesson content due to negative behaviors among students. At times, the chaotic classroom environment is enough to drive you crazy! There are students arguing, talking over one another, and goofing off much of the time. You are feeling overwhelmed and are unsure of how to deal with the disruptive behaviors in your classroom. You want to create a peaceful class atmosphere in which all of your students can learn, but how?

Managing a classroom can be challenging, but there are many strategies available that will help you create a positive learning environment
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