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The climate and geography of the mountains allows for different types of plants to grow and thrive. In this lesson, explore different types of flowers, trees, and other plants that grow in mountain areas.

Mountain Geography & Climate

If you’ve ever taken a trip to the mountains, you know that there are characteristics of this region that make it unique. The geography is very rocky, and the climate is much colder because the land is so high up. Many mountain areas get a large amount of snowfall in the winter. Because of these features, there are specific trees and plants that grow well in mountain areas.

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Let’s learn about some of the beautiful vegetation that grows in the mountains.

Trees & Shrubs

Many of the trees and shrubs in mountain areas are evergreen. This means that the leaves or needles stay green year-round, unlike trees with leaves that turn colors and fall to the ground. Evergreen trees such as cedars, pines, and spruce trees are common to mountain regions. These trees like the cold climate, which is why many Christmas tree farms are located in mountain regions.Another evergreen shrub found in the mountains is the juniper plant.

This bush has purple-blue berries and it likes to grow in rocky areas where the weather does not get overly warm.


Travel to the mountains in the summer and you will be amazed at the beautiful wildflowers you can find. If you’re lucky, you might come across the rare fairy slipper flower, which looks like a miniature orchid.Many mountain flowers have the term alpine in their name. This word comes from the Alps, a mountain range in Europe, but it’s often used to describe anything that is located in a mountain region. Take, for instance, the alpine sunflower, which is exactly what its name implies: it looks almost like a typical sunflower but grows in mountain regions.

The alpine aster is a beautiful lavender-blue color and enjoys the cool climate found in mountain areas.


Some of the most common mountain plants are mosses. These are plants that do not produce flowers and they thrive in cold, shady areas. They are very hardy, which means they can survive in almost any conditions. When looking for moss, look in places where you would not normally think a plant could grow. These green or brown plants often grow right on top of rocks or along the trunks of trees.

Lesson Summary

Even though people most often travel to the mountains for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, the spring and summer are great times to visit as well. During these times, visitors can enjoy the beauty of natural plants that thrive in the mountain environment. Evergreen trees and shrubs, beautiful wildflowers, and hardy mosses can all be seen in mountain areas of the country.


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