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There are different types of pigs in the world, both farm-raised and wild. In this lesson you will learn about the habitat of a pig and where you are most likely to find them.

Where Do Pigs Live?

Think about the place you live: is it warm, is it cold, does it rain all the time, or never at all?Pigs can be found almost anywhere in the world, except Antarctica. Most pigs prefer to live in a warmer climate, an area with a certain temperature and weather conditions. Even though pigs prefer this type of climate, many farm-raised pigs live in cooler climates and survive just fine.There are several types of pigs that live all over the world, but we’ll separate them into two main categories: farm-raised pigs and wild pigs. You may be more familiar with pigs that live on a farm, so this will be a great opportunity to learn about some of the survival skills wild pigs use in their natural habitat. A habitat is the place where an organism (including pigs!) usually lives. You can think of it as the animal’s natural home, the surroundings that it prefers.

Farm-Raised Pigs

Where would you expect to find a farm-raised pig? If you imagined a red barn, chickens running around, a pile of mud, and a white picket fence, then you’re not too far off from what a farm-raised pig’s habitat looks like.

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Farm-Raised Pig
farm pig

Some farm-raised pigs are kept indoors, especially in locations further north where the winters become cool. Their habitat most likely has a barn, where they can be kept inside.Surprisingly, pigs don’t always cover themselves in mud like you would see in the movies. Instead, they use the mud to cool off during hot summer days.

The farm-raised pigs are kept in pens, or fenced-in areas, to eat, live, and sleep. These farm-raised pigs are usually raised to eventually be turned into pork that you can find in the grocery store.

Pigs in the Wild

Wild pigs live across all continents, except Antarctica. Remember how pigs prefer warmer climates? Wild pigs spend a lot of time in the sun, where they can enjoy the warmth. Well, Antarctica is a place where you could be bundled up all year and still feel frozen, so it’s much too cold for pigs!

Wild Pig
wild pig

Wild pigs can live in a wide variety of habitats, from grassy savanna areas to swamplands to wooded forests.

All of these habitats have two things in common though: water and vegetation.Having water nearby gives them plenty of chances to drink and cool off during the day. Wild pigs also like their habitat to be dense with vegetation, or plants and trees, for more than one reason. The vegetation gives them a place to sleep and hide from possible threats during the day. At night, the wild pigs will come out and search for food. And, since plants make up most of a wild pig’s diet, some of that vegetation could also be their dinner!

Lesson Summary

Farm-raised pigs and wild pigs do not need much in their habitat in order to survive.

Pigs need sunshine for warmth, water or mud to cool off, and vegetation to fill their big bellies. Although they enjoy living in warmer climates, they can survive just fine in the cool winter months and live on every continent, except Antarctica.


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