A growth mindset can be used to promote innovation in organizations.

But how can leaders do that? This handy chart explains the steps to implementing innovation within a growth mindset.

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Innovation & Growth Mindset

Business often requires innovation, or creating new solutions to problems. However, innovation is not something that just happens. Instead, companies need to cultivate a culture and mindset in their employees that will promote innovation. One way to do this is through encouraging a growth mindset, which is about believing that people grow and develop over time.

For more information on how a growth mindset can lead to innovation, check out the lesson Leading Innovation with Growth Mindset.

Steps to Promoting Innovation

This chart shows the steps to promote innovation in terms of a growth mindset. These steps are outlined in detail in the lesson Leading Innovation with Growth Mindset, but this checklist provides a simple way of checking off as you implement each step. For each step, record the date that you complete each subgoal or question. Remember that some of the steps will be ongoing, so even though you might record the date you began implementing that subgoal, it might not be completed at that time.

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