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What makes a rainforest leopard different from other kinds of leopards? What do rainforest leopards eat? How do they grow up? This lesson will take you along the journey of Leo the Leopard and teach you all about rainforest leopards’ diets, habitats, and life cycles.

What are Rainforest Leopards?

Meet Leo the Leopard! He is here to teach you all about himself and his rainforest leopard friends. First, let’s find out what leopards are. Leopards are a type of animal called a mammal. This means that they have fur, give birth to live babies, and are warm-blooded.

All leopards have spots called rosettes, which are used for camouflage. There are two other types of leopards that can also live in rainforests: the clouded leopard, which has a tan coat with cloud-shaped spots, and the black leopard, which has a black coat, but still has rosettes.

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Can you see the rosettes on this black leopard?
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Leo when he was a baby. Baby leopards are called cubs.
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