There and runs off! You just saw

There are many different kinds of foxes found in different places around the world, and red foxes are one of them.

Come learn about red foxes, how to tell them apart from other foxes, where they live and some other neat facts.

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What is a Red Fox?

You are out walking on a cold, snowy day, and everything around you is covered in a white blanket of snow and ice. The snow crunches beneath your feet, and you think you are the only living thing out there when, suddenly, an animal that was curled up and covered in snow pops up and runs off! You just saw a red fox!Red foxes are foxes with a pointy snout, black legs, usually reddish orange fur and a fluffy tail. Even though the color red is in their name, they do come in other colors, including black, silver, and brown. The easiest way to tell if you are looking at a red fox is to check out the end of its tail. If it is white, like it was dipped in paint, then it is a red fox.

Red Fox with Black Legs and White Tail Tip
Sleeping Red Fox Covered by its Tail
Sleeping Red Fox Covered by its Tail

A red fox will use its thick tail like you use a jacket and curl it around her snout and feet to stay warm. And red foxes don’t have to remember to bring their jackets home from school like you do!

What do Red Foxes Eat?

Red foxes are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and meat. They also eat different things in the summer than they do in the winter, the way people eat different things depending on what foods are in season and what is available at the grocery store.

Red Fox Eating a Bird
Red Fox Eating a Bird

In the summer, red foxes eat a lot of corn, grapes, insects, berries, grasses and acorns. In the winter, they hunt for small animals like mice and birds. They have great eyesight, sense of smell and hearing, and can even hear a snack scampering around under the ground!

Lesson Summary

A red fox is a fox that has a pointy snout, black legs, a fluffy tail with a white tip, and can sometimes be a reddish orange color.

They live alone in places like woods, wetlands, and grasslands, and are found in the country and in cities. Red foxes are omnivores which means they eat both plants and meat including fruits berries, grasses, insects, birds, and mice.


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