Ever Taproots can be inches to meters deep

Ever wonder why a plant or a tree doesn’t just fall over in the wind? It is because a plant has a taproot. This lesson will explore the function and importance of a taproot.

What Is a Taproot?

Have you ever thought to yourself: Why doesn’t that plant just fall over? How is it so sturdy? What keeps it anchored? The answer to all of these questions is a specialized plant structure called the taproot.

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The taproot is defined as the central, largest root structure of a plant.

Typical structure of a taproot

Physical Description

The taproot of a plant grows straight down and is very thick.

The further down in the soil it gets, it tapers to a much smaller diameter. Typically, this root is the main root that the others grow off of. It carries nutrients to the above-ground biomass. A prime example of a taproot is a carrot.

Example of taproots in carrots. Notice the varying thickness and length of the taproots
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