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The Coolidge Effect is a phenomenon based on mammal sexuality and why men specifically get tired of having sex with the same partner over time.

This lesson explores the effect and its origins and why new women reinvigorate sexuality in men.

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The Coolidges

The story goes that Grace Coolidge and her husband Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, were visiting a chicken farm when they separated to see different areas. Mrs. Coolidge continued following the farmer when she saw a rooster mating with a chicken. She then looked at the farmer and asked how many times the rooster mated in a day.

The farmer then explained that it was ”dozens of times” to which Mrs. Coolidge said, ”Tell this to my husband when you see him.” Which of course is passed onto the President when he passes by the same pen. The President then asks if the rooster does this with the same hen every time. The farmer says, ”No, it’s a different hen every time.” He then smiled and said, ”Tell that to Mrs.


The Coolidge Effect in Mammals

This may or may not have actually happened, but the story has become the namesake of what is now known as the Coolidge Effect. Essentially, the Coolidge Effect is where mammals, specifically males, will be less and less intimate with a specific partner over time. Their ability to be aroused by that partner wanes and can eventually stop altogether. Yet, if you put a new partner in the equation, then arousal increases, which in turn, increases sexual activity.

However, if the male has to go back to the original partner, he may lose sexual desire again.In plain terms, a man in the dating stages will be excited for sex and the occurrences of intimacy are frequent. However, over time and after marriage, it can dwindle to almost nothing. However, if they break up and he gains a new partner, the sexual occurrences will increase yet again. This also happens with bulls and sheep but to a much larger degree.A farmer can have only one bull with dozens of cows because the bull will fairly quickly make their way through all of the females in the field.

It actually can be a problem for some farmers, because bulls and rams seem to know a female they have already been with. The farmers and breeders can change the scent and look of a cow, and yet the bull will know and will refuse to have sex with the cow again.

Breeding and Population

So why is it that the male mammals have this specific effect in common? According to psychological theory, it is believed because of the male biological imperative to breed and increase population.

Many men have this deep seated need to breed, where women’s biological need is to make strong babies which they will nest and nurture. Although, this is not always the case of course, it is seen frequently enough in males and females that it is noted as a trend.Once a male has had sex with a female enough times, his body no longer feels the need to continue because if they were going to have children, it will have happened already. So they then want to move on to another willing female to try and breed again, the whole goal to make the most babies.

Meanwhile, the females have to be the filter, choosing the male that will make the healthiest babies.

Lesson Summary

The Coolidge Effect was named after Calvin Coolidge and his wife due to a unique story about them visiting a chicken farm. The effect refers to how male mammals will be less intimate with a specific partner when they have been with them for a long period of time. Their desire for sex wanes unless they find a new partner. This happens due to the male’s biological imperative to breed, where women are different because their biological need is to make strong babies, which they will nest and nurture.


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