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There are many ways to promote products and services online. Effective use of Web-based sales promotions can help a company market their specials and sales to consumers. Let’s further explore web-based sales promotions

What Are Web-Based Sales Promotions?

The Internet has changed how companies communicate with customers, market their products and services, and increase sales. Web-based sales promotions are sales, specials, and discounts that are offered online, typically through a company website or other retailer.

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Companies use a variety of means to communicate promotions to their customers. They may market a sale or special on their website, send an e-mail announcing a discount, or advertise promotions via online ad spaces, such as banners, pop-ups, and sidebars. Regardless of whether the message is sent through web-based promotions, traditional marketing, or mass media, the goal remains the same: to increase the size of the customer base and the sales of the organization.

Have you ever purchased a product online that was on sale? You’ve benefited from a web-based sales promotion. You may have had an ad pop up during your most recent Google search. That is a web-based promotion. Or maybe one of your friends shared a page on Facebook that alerted you to a sale of your favorite line of hand bags.

This, too, is a web-based promotion. Whenever you are alerted to a savings or special held online, you are being exposed to a web-based sales promotion.

Web-Based Sales Promotion Strategies

There are numerous methods companies can use to promote their products and savings online. These methods include:

  • Search engines: A simple search for a product will help you find various online retailers that offer what you’re looking for. You may also receive a variety of ads directing you to businesses that have the item you want at competitive prices.
  • Social media: With the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media outlets, you likely receive regular messages containing different sales or offers.

    Each of these messages is a form of a web-based sales promotion.

  • Viral strategies: In a time when viral videos are common, using a viral message to promote a sale is a smart strategy. Creating an attention-grabbing video with a sales promotion is a fun way to share your message to a large number of people quickly.

  • Information sharing: Have you ever downloaded a project or recipe that includes links to products? The company is providing information that supports the sale of its products. For instance, say you’ve downloaded instructions to make a bird feeder from Craft Crafts, which also provided a list of products from best-suited for the project and links to purchase these products. The aim here is to encourage you to use Crafty Craft’s products, or those of an ally company.
  • Paid advertising: Companies have several options for buying advertising space online, such as buying ad spaces, partnering with other companies, or promoting their items in newsletters or other websites.

    In any case, providing information in the form of advertisements can be an effective way to inform potential customers about sales promotions.

These are some of the most common forms of web-based sales promotions, but advances in technology will certainly reveal new ways to spread word of sales online. After all, any message that drives the consumer to make an online purchase can be considered a web-based sales promotion.

Lesson Summary

There are many ways to increase brand awareness, product sales, and customer base. There are several methods for announcing web-based sales promotions: search engines, social media, viral strategies, information sharing, and paid advertising, among others. These techniques support a company’s goal to sell online and establish solid web-based sales promotions.


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