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Have you ever heard of bioinformatics? In short, it’s a branch of biology that uses computer science, statistics, math, and engineering to understand biological processes. Read this lesson to learn more.


As technology advances, the field of bioinformatics continues to advance at a rapid pace. While all subsections of biology benefit from these advances, the biggest breakthroughs have occurred in genetics and genome mapping. Have you heard of the Human Genome Project? This project aims to map the human genome and is a prime example of what can be done using bioinformatics.

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Bioinformatics itself is a discipline that draws on concepts and methods from many other disciplines. Using methods from computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering, scientists can take huge data sets and actually make sense of them – no small feat before the advancement of computers and their processing capabilities! Computers can now gather, compile, manipulate, and analyze large chunks of biological data, and this provides an approach for tackling large-scale biological questions and problems. In fact, bioinformatics borrows techniques and theories from systems biology, biochemistry, microbiology, physics, biostatistics, and many more disciplines – the possibilities are practically endless!

Bioinformatics allows scientists to develop data maps of complex interactions, such as this network.
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