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In this lesson, we will cover the meaning of job involvement and how companies determine employee satisfaction. Test your knowledge at the end by taking a short quiz.

Determining Employee Satisfaction

Job Involvement refers to the psychological and emotional extent to which someone participates in his/her work, profession, and company. Showing up to work on time is half the battle.

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Top performers are engaged in their work and have high job involvement. There have been several studies that directly correlate high job involvement with job satisfaction and how it makes a difference in the organization. For example, Lodahl and Kejner’s job involvement scale has been used by corporations in order to gauge their employees’ level of satisfaction.


The Lodahl and Kejner job involvement scale has been used by several corporations and organizations across the world.

The scale gives the respondents a range of questions that help to determine their mood and opinion about their jobs.Within the questionnaire, a respondent responds to statements such as:

  • You consider yourself an effective contributor to your team
  • You have an input in the decisions that are made in your organization
  • You enjoy the type of work that you do on a daily basis

The job involvement scale consists of five methodologies. The respondent has the following options to choose from:

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neutral
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree

Respondents answer based on their honest opinion. It could be inferred that a person with strong work commitment would have more positive feelings toward their occupation than those with weak work commitment. For example, Kim is very active in implementing new ideas and concepts into her job role; she is an effective contributor to her team and brings value to her organization. She has high job involvement and most likely would respond positively when taking a job involvement scale questionnaire.

David, on the other hand, doesn’t like his position and does what he can just to get by. He doesn’t feel included within the team and lacks energy and effort. He would have a negative response when taking the questionnaire.The results from the questionnaire help to give the survey evaluator a scale on how to measure employee satisfaction and involvement. This scale helps to minimize the time spent on tallying results due to the synchronized answer options.

Other types of questionnaires, such as direct written responses to the questions, would take longer to evaluate as well as increase the potential of a response being taken out of context. The job involvement scale results are significant because they help the organization determine the areas that need improvement and how to improve morale. Building morale is important because it helps to increase a collaborative work environment and reduce the number of unhappy employees.

Lesson Summary

In summary, job involvement is the level of engagement and job satisfaction. Utilizing job involvement scaling can help employees and management determine how satisfied they are in their current position and organization.

Building morale in the work place can help the organization grow and reduce the amount of disgruntled employees. Having high job involvement can increase effectiveness of employee contribution and satisfaction.


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